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Licensing/Serial Numbers

What is the Computer ID?

A Computer ID is a unique number, generated by the software, and sent to the activation server as part of...

What is the difference between “license”, “serial number”, and “seat”?

OWC software uses licenses, or serial numbers, to manage the features and installations of our software products. The software “License”,...

What is an “invalid license” error?

An “invalid license” error means you need to upgrade your license to work with that version of the software. For...

Where can I download the latest software versions?

You will find the latest installers for OWC software on the Software Download page.

Why did my license activation fail?

A license may fail to activate for the following reasons: Your license is already in use on another computer. “Deactivate...

How many computers can I install on at once?

You can install on one computer at a time per license purchased. This includes systems with multiple volumes. If you...

How to Disable Auto-Renewal or Cancel Your Subscription

If you wish to discontinue your premium subscription benefits for SoftRAID and opt out of automatic renewal, you can do...

What is the “activation code”?

The activation code is a time sensitive, one use code that is generated as a part of offline activation. If...

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