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Announcing APFS support with MacDrive 10.5

We are excited to announce MacDrive 10.5, with support for Apple’s new file system, APFS! MacDrive 10.5 APFS (beta), available October 12, 2017, adds the ability to read disks formatted with Apple’s new file system, APFS. With MacDrive 10.5, your APFS disks appear in Windows with their own drive letter, allowing you to read files […]

MacDrive update is now available

We a pleased to announce the release of MacDrive This update adds support for Server 2016 and various bug fixes. You can download the update to MacDrive 10 Standard and Pro here:  http://www.mediafour.com/support/macdrive/macdrivechangelog/ Also, if you haven’t upgraded from a older version of MacDrive, we do offer discounts for previous version. Please visit our […]

MacDrive update is now available

What’s new in MacDrive Added: Disk Aware is now built-in to MacDrive—a separate install and license is not needed. Fixed: On some systems, MacDrive main window crashes when starting. Fixed: System hang when coping folders that originated in a Dropbox folder.

MacDrive update is now available

What’s new in MacDrive Added: Support for RAID disks with 4K sectors Added: MacDrive now gives more information about unusable disks Added: Better error recovery Fixed: Reformatting a disk doesn’t refresh the MacDrive window

Service after the sale

supportA lot of companies promise to be there after the sale, but when you need support for a product you purchased they disappear. At Mediafour we look at support a little bit differently. If you are having an issue with our software, then it isn’t your problem, it’s ours.

Take a look at our March Support Snapshot….

Calling all NAB attendees

Headed to the big show in Las Vegas? We know you’ll be gathering all kinds of swag and chotchkies in Vegas, but what about your poor, workhorse computer back home? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. We are pleased to offer a 25% discount on MacDrive 9 Standard and Pro to all NAB 2015 attendees. […]

MacDrive Standard and Pro are now available

We are pleased to announce the release of MacDrive Standard and Pro. Both versions add new features including support for Boot Camp systems with unencrypted Core Storage Mac partitions and support for disks with multiple RAID partitions. The update will be available through MacDrive auto update system or you can download from the MacDrive support […]