XPlay 3.5.1 update is now available

What’s new in XPlay 3.5.1?

  • Fixed: Compatibility with iTunes 9.1
  • Fixed: Album art changes not working reliably
  • Fixed: Context menus in “Recent Music Purchases” don’t work
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Windows 7 Starter Edition
  • Fixed: “Support Information” link not working reliably
  • Fixed: High processor usage when iTunes isn’t installed
  • Fixed: Various connectivity issues with iPod touch and iPhone
  • Fixed: Compatibility with 3rd-generation (and older) iPods
  • Fixed: Copying songs between iPods can lose tag information (Windows 7)
  • Fixed: iPod tray icon not showing reliably
  • Fixed: Copying songs from the iPod doesn’t create correct folder structure (64-bit Windows)
  • Fixed: Various fixes and minor improvements
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