Read and Write Mac Disks in Windows

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The Most Trusted Solution for Accessing Mac Disks in Windows

  • Access almost any type of Mac-formatted disk including hard drives, DVDs, CDs and more
  • Blazing quick read/write speeds
  • Seamlessly access your Mac disks through Windows Explorer
  • Easily create, partition and delete Mac disks on your PC
  • Repair most errors on Mac disks
  • Browse through files, folder and even Time Machine
  • Use with Apple Boot Camp and also VMware Fusion and Parallels drives
  • Pro: Mount SoftRAID sets (RAID 0/stripe and RAID 1/mirror)
  • Pro: Mount Mac-formatted software RAID sets (created with Disk Utility on Mac OS)
  • Pro: Create Mac ISO files
  • Pro: Automatic file defragmentation (improves performance)
  • Pro: Can optionally configure individual Mac disk(s) as “read only” (prevents any changes)
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    Peace Between The Platforms

    With MacDrive Pro you can access Mac disks as if they were normal PC disk direct from Windows Explorer or your favorite software. MacDrive Pro gives you all the features of Standard plus the ability to mount SoftRAID RAID 0/1 volumes as well as sets created with Disk Utility, automatic disk defragmentation, create ISO files, mount Sparse images, access Mac disks in Read Only mode and more.