Quickly and securely copy files from RED, Blackmagic Design, and ARRI cameras and other media

Ingest files, with verification and reports for call copies

  • Reliable: comply with the industry standard 3-2-1 rule running multiple copies to multiple destinations in parallel
  • Verified: a plethora of checksum options including industry standard xxHash-64 and MD5 with additional options for SHA-1, SHA-2 256, SHA-2 512 to guarantee your files have been copied correctly
  • Eye-catching: customizable easy to read reports with metadata and multiple thumbnails are generated to document your progress on set while streamlining your communication with clients and stakeholders
  • Enhanced camera support: thumbnail generation and metadata support is available for most cinema cameras including ARRI RAW, BlackMagic RAW, RED RAW, ProRes, Panasonic Varicam, Atomos and Convergent Design recorders and most consumer cameras recording in MP4, MOV or MXF wrappers.
  • Collision protection: prevents files from being overwritten with any other file that happens to have the same name, which is common with multicam setups or when using fresh media cards in the same camera.
  • Error detection: if something happens during a transfer you are alerted that files may have not been copied correctly, allowing you to mitigate potential issues
  • Automatic safe ejection: when a task is completed, Copy That will safely eject your media so that you don´t even have to think about that
  • Presets: automate the folder organization and streamline your workflow
  • Jobs archive: historical list of previous offloads so you can review and keep track of tasks that have been completed.