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Incompatible Application Detected (macOS)

Customers have reported several MacOS Applications that made modifications to MacOS that block the SoftRAID application from launching.

This is a partial list, the Applications listed below are ones we have tested ourselves and are confirmed to cause this issue. They appear to modify MacOS in various ways, and either make a change to MacOS to block loading of the SoftRAID Monitor Application, or they may alter already installed SoftRAID components.

To date we have identified the following Applications:

Clean My Max X
Mac Cleaner Pro
App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Anti-Virus Applications:
Malware Bytes
Bit Defender

If you have Malwarebytes installed, try going to the help menu in Malwarebytes, and selecting “Uninstall”, and restart. Then check if SoftRAID can launch.

Mac Cleaner Pro & App Cleaner & Uninstaller

If you have Mac Cleaner Pro, or App Cleaner & Uninstaller installed, you can reenable the SoftRAID Monitor and OWC components in the App Cleaner interface.

Enable them here:

You can also go to System Preferences/General/Login items and manually enable SoftRAID Monitor and OWC login items.

VPN software (the anti-malware components)

We will add to this list as we identify additional Applications.

What to do if SoftRAID notifed you that your system has been compromized.

  • 1. Uninstall each of the above Applications from your System. Use their official uninstaller, not a third party Application. If the uninstaller resets your system to a state before this Utility was installed, then you will be able to get SoftRAID working again.
  • 2. Open the terminal.app, which is in your Applications/Utilities folder. The terminal is actually not difficut to use and it supports standard copy/paste functionality. Copy this line of text, and paste it into the terminal.app.
  • sudo softraidtool uninstall

    hit enter, and your admin password, when prompted. There is no “feedback” to passwords in terminal, just enter it and hit enter.

  • 3. Delete your existing version of the SoftRAID Application.
  • 4. Download a new copy of SoftRAID Mac or Windows.
  • 5. If the SoftRAID Application launches without error then the Utility Uninstaller worked as it should and you can continue using SoftRAID.
  • 6. If you still cannot run the SoftRAID Application, this means that while the Uninstaller of your utiliity deleted the Application, it did not “undo” the changes it made to your System. We cannot assist further.
  • 7. To repair your System, you need to do a clean install of MacOS. We have asked some afflicted users to “reinstall MacOS” in Recovery mode,but that does not seem to work, at leat not all the time. It does not cause any harm to your system or settings to Reinstall using recovery mode, hwoever.
  • 8. Note: If you use Migration Assistant, it may import the problem. You can import Applications and select which ones. Carefully avoid importing any Utility that claims to “clean” your MacOS, and any Anti Viral Applications. Avoid importing “Settings” with Migration Assistant. If you use a VPN, its best not to Migrate the VPN, and manually reinstall it, avoiding any Anti Viral components.
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