Compare MacDrive 10 Standard and Pro

MacDrive FeatureStandardPro
Mount Mac hard disks and devices in Windows (HFS+, HFS, HFS, including journaled and non-journaled)
Read/write to Mac hard disks, devices, etc. through Windows Explorer
Repair Mac disks
Offers fully featured 5 day trial period
Mounts Mac-formatted hardware RAID sets
Mount Mac optical discs (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray)
Verify Mac disks
Supports Mac files without extensions (converts TYPE and CREATOR fields to Windows extensions)
Note: This setting is off by default to increase performance
Supports Windows 11/10/8/Server 2012/2016/2019
Supports Thunderbolt, USB, eSATA, SATA, FireWire 400/800, IDE, SCSI, Fibre channel
Mount Mac OS partition on Boot Camp systems
Copy to and from Mac disks
Mount Mac floppy disks*
Can optionally configure MacDrive to globally set all disks as “read only” (prevents any changes)
Burn Mac CDs and DVDs
Automatic notification of available MacDrive updates (if enabled)
Browse and copy files out of Time Machine backups
Compatible with GPT, MBR, APT partition types
Mount DMGs
Mount dual-format Mac optical discs (Mac/Windows)
MacDrive Quick Start launcher
Format Mac disks (HFS+, HFSX, HFS)
Mount SoftRAID sets (RAID 0/stripe and RAID 1/mirror). ⛔️
Mounts Mac-formatted software RAID sets (created with Disk Utility on Mac OS) ⛔️
Create Mac ISO files ⛔️
Automatic file defragmentation (improves performance) ⛔️
Mount Sparse images ⛔️
Burn Mac Blu-rays ⛔️
Can optionally configure individual Mac disk(s) as “read only” (prevents any changes) ⛔️
Optional secure file deletion (overwrites files to prevent recovery) ⛔️
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* Low density (400KB and 800KB) floppy disks are not accessible due to drive limitations.