ArGest Backup

Starting at $249

For your Personal Desktop, Business System, or the Creative Sphere

ArGest® Backup from OWC provides its users a fast, easy, drag-and-drop asset backup/archival and restore solution, natively supporting Windows, Linux, and macOS with fully cross-platform compatible backup and archival.

Whether you are using removable disk storage such as RDX, cloud-based storage pools, local cloud storage, and tape media, ArGest® Backup has you covered.

System Requirements
  • macOS 10.13 and later
  • Windows 11/10/8.1/7
  • Windows Server 2008 and later
  • Linux 64-bit with GTK3
  • ArGest Backup provides three levels of licensing:

    Desktop Edition

    Supporting a Single standalone tape drive and disk-based backup

    The Desktop Edition license is designed for personal or small one to two-person shops where backup operations can be performed in more manageable segments where full and incremental data coverage fits on one or two tapes or can be safely stored on a removable disk or device such as the Overland/Tandberg RDX.

    Workstation Edition

    Supporting 1 or 2 LTO tape drives or a single autoloader/library with up to 24 slots (50 with the slot expansion license).

    The Workstation Edition™ license adds multi-drive support for Doubler Mode™ and support for a tape library of 8 to 50 slots (with the slot expansion license), making the management of many terabytes of data in a backup or archival operation much more hands-free with automatic changing and spanning of multiple tapes.

    Producer’s Edition

    Supporting 1 or 2 tape drives or a single autoloader/library with up to 50 slots.

    Producer’s Edition also adds features to support the workflow and archival requirements of the Media and Entertainment industry. All of the features previously available in our BRU™ PE product family have been included when purchasing the ArGest® Backup Producer’s Edition™ license.

    What makes BRU better than all other solutions?

  • Speed. BRU™ is the fastest software available. Streaming SAS LTO-7 and LTO-8 at 322MB/sec (see more details about achieving this LTO-7/LTO-8 speed) and LTO-6 at over 160MB/sec with ArGest® hardware, BRU™ software. Even better performance and lower latency is seen with BRU and Fibre Channel LTO-7 and LTO-8 tape.
  • True cross-platform recoverability. All BRU™ archives are verifiable at any time and FREE to restore on any OS BRU™ supports (there are currently 24 of those).
  • Verifiability and error recovery for restore. BRU™ archives are properly and fully verifiable on any OS BRU™ supports at any time, and is the only backup tool that can recover from errors. And if your archive spans multiple tapes, and you lose a tape to damage or theft, BRU™ will restore all the rest of the data from all the tapes you have, something no other product will do.
  • Accountability. With BRU™, you have a source for help and a company that has been committed to data backup and restore since 1985.
  • Flexibility. ArGest® Backup supports almost all standalone tape devices and libraries of up to 2 drives up to 50 tape slots, VTL, and disk storage out of the box (for larger libraries, please visit our ArGest® BRU Server™ product).
  • Special needs. All special characters, EDLs, ACLs, special attributes, permissions, and foreign language characters (including left to right languages) are correctly handled by BRU™.